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GZ Heavy Duty Submersible Pump

GZ submersible pumps are heavy duty pumps widely applied in urban rainwater pumping, flood control, irrigation pumping, drainage station, and water conservation projects.

Technical Parameters
  • Outlet diameter: 900~1600mm
  • Flow range: 4~12m3/s
  • Head range: 0.5~6m
  • Power: 132~800kW
  • Voltage: 380V, 660V, 6kV, 10kV

Main Features
1. GZ heavy duty submersible pumps feature a large flow, low head, and straight channel. With a specific head and speed, the efficiency of the horizontal submersible pump is much higher than that of a vertical axial flow pump and a vertical submersible axial flow pump. The rotating speed and working efficiency rises as the head lowers.

2. The submersible tubular pump features a compact structure, allowing for less excavation work, which in turn simplifies the building structure and keeps costs down.

Model Number Meaning (1400GZ-125)
1400: heavy duty submersible pump with a diameter of 1400mm
GZ: axial flow pump
125: round 1/10 of the speed rate to integer

Jushen provides GZ axial flow pumps that vary in diameter, including 900, 1000, 1200, 1400 and1600. We have dozens of specifications available for large pumping station projects.

Models and Specifications
Currently, we provide heavy duty submersible pumps in the following models: 900GZ-100, 900GZ-125, 900GZ-100, 900GZ-160, and 100GZ-100. Parameters and models of the pumps are the same as submersible axial flow pumps of the same rotating rate.

Technical Parameters
Model Hs Max dimension Flange size Flat size
L H φ 1 φ 2 φ 3 n-d L 1 L 2 L 3 L 4 B 1 B 2 B 3 B
900GZ 1300 3400 800 1200 1320 1380 32-φ30 750 800 500 500 250 600 600 700
1000GZ 1500 3600 900 1200 1320 1380 32-φ30 850 900 500 500 300 700 700 700
1200GZ 1600 3800 1000 1400 1520 157 36-φ30 960 1060 600 600 400 1000 1000 800
1400GZ 1700 4300 1100 1600 1730 1800 40-φ30 1020 1160 900 600 500 1200 1300 900
1400GZ 1700 4000 1100 1600 1730 1800 40-φ30 1020 1160 900 600 500 1200 1000 900
1600GZ 1900 5000 1300 1800 1930 2000 44-φ30 1150 1300 1000 700 600 1400 1400 1000

Remarks: L=4300 refers to 500kw motor; L=4000 refers to motors whose power is no more than 500kw

Structure of the Pump and How to Operate It
Axial flow pumps are cylindrical in shape, with the motor to be coaxial with the pump. The pump is consisted of impeller, shell and diffuser. The motor is mounted in the bulb-shaped structure which is behind the diffuser. Water around the motor is gathered by the diffuser, which is connected to diversion tubes. Both the front of the diffuser shell and the back of the diversion tubes are connected with conical pipes to shape the housing of the axial flow pump. The two conical pipes share the same dimension with flanges.

An axial flow pump allows fluid to enter the impeller axially from both ends with the combination of a one-way impeller and axial flow design. The two ends of the pump are the same size. For drainage purposes, the outlet port should face the river or body of water and reverse when it comes to agricultural irrigation uses.

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