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QZB Submersible Axial Flow Pump

Jushen submersible axial flow pumps have found extensive applications in urban water supply and drainage systems, sewage treatment projects, agricultural irrigation, water diversion projects, flood control, water transfer projects, water cycling systems in thermal power stations, dock water supply and drainage, and aquafarming.

  • Outlet diameter: 350~2400mm
  • Flow range: 0.26~24m3/s
  • Head range: 2~16m
  • Power: 7.5~2000kW
  • Voltage: 380V, 660V, 6kV, 10kV

Why Choose Jushen Submersible Pumps
1. Total investment in pumping station is reduced by over 30%
2. Construction period cut by over 20%
3. Time for installing the equipment is saved by 95%
4. 50% off machine weight
5. Flood wall is unnecessary
6. Low maintenance cost
7. No noise, easy operation, and high automation
8. A pump room is not needed if the building is low. We can also build an underground pumping station if needed.

Submersible pump stations have seen rapid development in recent years due to its structure being easily-constructed and maintained, automatic performance, and high reliability. Here at Jushen, we provide QZB submersible axial and mixed flow pumps and QHB interflow pumps as a water pumping solution for the stations.

In new station construction or old station upgrading projects, users can simply employ submersible pump for their pumping system as the 4 water control devices (submersible axial flow pump, axial flow pump, submersible interflow pump and interflow pump) are all very much the same in terms of applications, water flow conditions and parameters.

Diameters available: 350, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, and 2400
Specifications: over 100 pumps of various specifications are available
Products & accessories: electric submersible pump, steel pump shell, flap valve, protectors, and wearing parts (O-seal and mechanical seal)

Main Features
1. The pump uses a fully-sealed induction motor to ensure safe running
2. With an advanced hydraulic model, the pump features a high efficiency and wide effective area.
3. The combination of adjustable blade angle, large flow, and wide head range allows theflow control device to be applied in different conditions
4. The whole pump body works underwater, allowing for effective cooling, stable running, little vibration, and low noise
5. The compact structure of the pump makes maintenance easy and convenient.
6. We have introduced a complete line of protection solutions for the submersible pump, which is equipped with protectors against leakage, overload, and temperature rise. All of the protection devices are under the monitor of a special protector
7. A submersible pumping station features easy and low cost construction, short duration, and low maintenance cost
8. The station is easily-operated and automatic

Security of Jushen Submersible Pumps
QZB and QHB series submersible axial flow pumps are composed of a water inlet, impeller, impeller shell, and diffuser.

The submersible induction motor is sealed by a shell. The upper cover of the motor uses static seals and the bottom part employs a rotary seal to ensure the security of the motor when it works underwater.

We have introduced protection and alarming devices against leakage, and temperature rise of coil and bearings. The protector will alert users when there is a slight leakage that has no impact on the motor's working. When the temperature of coil reaches 135℃ and that of bearings exceed 90℃, both of which are displayed in LED lights, the protectors will cut off the power. All of the protection devices are under the monitor of a protector specially designed for submersible pumps

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