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QGB Submersible Water Pump

As a submersible pump especially for water supply uses, the QGB submersible water pump is an ideal pumping solution for water conservancy projects, water supply and drainage systems, water plants, agricultural irrigation, and aquaculture sectors.

  • Outlet diameter: 350~1200mm
  • Flow range: 220~12000m3/h
  • Head range: 9~60m
  • Power: 11~1600 kW
  • Voltage: 380V, 660V, 6kV, 10kV

Main Features
1. Good resilience: the pump is especially suitable for large water level fluctuation conditions
2. Easy installation: the use of a well bore has considerably simplified the installation and maintenance of the pump.
3. Automatic control: automatic protection and signal output
4. High safety: protects against leakage, overheat and overload, ensuring safe operation.
5. Cost saving: you don't have to build other buildings on the ground, lowering construction costs by 40-60%, and lowers management costs by 30 to 40% by utilizing automatic operation.
6. Compact structure: for an easy installation and lower construction costs
7. High efficiency: the use of an advanced hydraulic model, featuring a high working efficiency and great performance.

How to Install QGB Submersible Water Pump
There are 3 ways for installing QGB water pump: suspension installation, steel well bore and precast concrete. We provide complete well bore sets for the previous 2 ways, and offer cover plates and pump seat for the last one.

During installation, please put the pump to the bottom of the well bore. The upper slope of diffuser fits tightly to the surface of seat. O-rings are introduced for sealing purposes, and the friction between the seat and pump bears the torque of the system.

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