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WLB Sewage Pump

With the ability to drain water containing large solid particles, long fiber, among other suspended solids, the WLB series sewage pump has found wide applications in wastewater treatment, like urban sewage, industrial sewage, slurry, stool, ash, and pulp. This sewage pump can also be used as a circulating pump and a water supply pump.

1. Highly efficient, effectively prevent the winding of fabric.
2. Easily installed, and is powered directly by motor.

Technical Parameters
  • Flow: 30~8500m3/h
  • Head: 5~50m
  • Power: 4~400kW
  • Particle size: 50~300mm
  • Drainage pipe diameter: 100~800mm

Model Number Meaning
XXX: drainage pipe diameter
WLB: vertical sewage pump
XXX- flow
XX- head
XXX- motor power

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