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Industrial Pumps

    1. QHB Submersible Mixed Flow Pump
      The QHB submersible mixed flow pump has found wide application in urban drainage systems, sewage treatment projects, water division projects and water transfer projects. It is also suitable for flood control, farm irrigation, power plant water recycling, dock drainage, aquaculture and many others.
    1. WQK Submersible Sump Pump
      WQK submersible sump pumps is designed for sewage pumping and heavy-duty construction. The pump is widely applied in controlling slurry, wastewater, and sewage that contains solid particles and fiber debris in municipal engineering, building, factory, hospital, hotel, and urban water treatment sectors.
    1. LLB Submersible Pump
      Rotating speed (n) r/min: 1460
      Flow (Q) m3/h: 65
      Head (H) m: 40
      Efficiency (η) %: 72
    1. WLB Sewage Pump
      Flow: 30~8500m3/h
      Head: 5~50m
      Power: 4~400kW
      Particle size: 50~300mm

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