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Manufacturing Capability

At Jushen, we have a large factory that covers more than 46,000 square meters, and is staffed by 410 people. Of this staff, there are 2 experts, 6 senior engineers and 18 regular engineers to carry out the best possible production processes. Within the factory, we have introduced a complete range of high quality manufacturing equipment, including the CQ (X) double column vertical lathe, TP6113 CNC milling machine, CKA6780 CNC lathe, automatic welding machine, and sheet shearing machine. Every year, we produce over 2500 sets of submersible pump in numerous specifications.

  • Exterior view
  • Inside the factory

Inside the machining workshop, we have a 5 meter vertical lathe, which is used to process key components of the water pump, including the guide vane, bearing seat and blade. The daily production capacity is 50 sets.

  • 5m vertical lathe

Our sheet metal workshop covers 6,000 square meters, and is used to produce the well bores for pumping stations, flap valve installation systems, and the corrosion resistance of pipelines. Material cutting, flange welding, and other operations are carried out here using a CNC cutting machine, automatic welding machine, sheet shear and bending machine.

The CNC 4-axis milling and boring machine is used to process the pump's blade and impeller. The production capacity of this machine reaches 30 to 50 sets each day.

In order to produce auxiliary components for pumping stations, such as a well bore cover and flanges, we use a fully automatic CNC cutting machine with a daily capacity of 10 tons. Operators simply need to input the parameters to accomplish production.

The automatic welding machine is used primarily to weld the well bore and flange. It is capable of finishing 20 work pieces each day.

  • Boring and milling machine
  • CNC cutting
  • Automatic welding equipment

We have 2 assembly workshops, covering an area of 2,000 square meters. All spare parts for the submersible pumps are tested and assembled in this workshop. Daily production capacity of these workshops reaches anywhere from 30 to 50 pumps.

  • Assembly workshop

We have also established an inspection center in order to test the performance of the finished pumps in order to ensure they reach the required quality and performance standards. Inspection can be done at a waterflow of 20m2/s under 2000kw, and voltage options including 380V, 660V, 6000V, all the way to 10kV.

  • Water pump inspection center
  • Pump performance testing
  • Intelligent display of the testing system

It is here we produce roughly 15 sets of control cabinets with a power ranging from 0.75kW to 500kW.

  • Control cabinet assembly

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