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Service and Support
Service & Support

To better serve our customers, Jushen has established a service center with staff available 24/7 in order to offer long-term technical support. If your equipment is broken or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our technicians are waiting to assist and provide solutions in a quick, efficient and friendly manner.

On-Site Service

1. Permanent on-site service: our technicians will stay at the customer's location for the entire commission period.
2. Maintenance service: Once we have received a request, our engineers will go to the customer's location and oversee the equipment for any problems.

More Details
1. Warranty period: 2 years from the date of acceptance
2. During the warranty period, if there are any defects in the equipment material or performance, we will replace the problem parts immediately. The warranty period on these begins when the client has received the replacement parts.
3. Expert team: we have expert teams to answer user questions and offer technical support

Pump maintenance team: This team is responsible for maintenance of all pumps and testing for defects.

Control cabinet maintenance team: This team is responsible for checking the control cabinets and developing solutions for any problems.

Emergency response team: Our technicians will go to the customer's location, record the problems and send them back to the service team.

Service Commitment

1. During the warranty period, for any faults caused from quality defects, we will repair the machine and replace the accessories free of charge.
2. Hotline service (24 hours a day) is provided during the warranty period to answer user questions and offer professional suggestions. Once we have received a request, we will offer practical solutions to handle the emergency. Our technicians will go to the customer's location upon request, even over holidays. If they can't solve the problem within 24 hours of arrival, we will supply accessories to ensure normal use. If spare parts are unavailable, we will cover the lost costs.
3. Maintenance service is provided for free
4. We will determine if the equipment is broken.

After Sale Service

At Jushen, after sales services like fault detection, regular maintenance, machine repair, and technical support are provided for customers. We will charge only for accessories.

1. Fault Detection and Diagnostics Report
We will carry out equipment detection and create a diagnostics report according to the equipment's defects. The report includes the construction site record, fault level and emergency treatment process, and other relevant information.

2. Plan for Equipment Maintenance
Plans for equipment repair are made based on the diagnostics report.

3. Maintenance Plan Implementation
An expert team (including the user and contractor) will be established to supervise any maintenance. A maintenance report is required for any maintenance processes.

4. Maintenance Job Insurance
After the maintenance job is done, the team members will submit the report for technician approval.

5. Materials Required
a. Fault data
b. Plans for machine maintenance
c. Report during maintenance process
d. Report about the whole maintenance process

6. Acceptance
We will make an inspection plan with the user based on the maintenance report and submit the testing reports.

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